Current challenges of patient re-irradiation Date: September 6-7 2018  Workshop program  Click on the title to download the presentation

Introductory lecture

09:00-09:30 Patient re-irradiation – a multifaceted challenge, Iuliana Toma-Dasu

Session 1 – Radiobiology

Chairperson: Andrzej Wojcik

09:30-10:10 Normal tissue tolerance to re-irradiation – from pre-clinical experiments to clinical
                  applicability, Klaus Trott

10:10-10:50 Normal tissue tolerance to re-irradiation – current knowledge based on preclinical
                  studies, Albert van der Kogel

Coffee break

11:20-12:00 Normal tissue tolerance to re-irradiation – role of the stem cells and partial volume
                  irradiation, Rob Coppes

12:00-12:40 Radiobiological modelling of NTCP – particular challenges of re-irradiation, Alexandru Dasu

Lunch break

Session 2 - Physics

Chairperson: Marta Lazzeroni

14:00-14:40 Image guidance and registration – particular challenges in case of
                  re-irradiation, Martin Fast

14:40-15:20 Re-irradiation techniques – SBRT, Ricardo Palanco-Zamora

Coffee break

15:40-16:20 Re-irradiation techniques – GammaKnife, David Schlesinger

16:20-17:00 Re-irradiation techniques – Light ions therapy, Nobuyuki Kanematsu

18:30  Conference dinner  in Q Restaurant (see map)

Thursday 6th September Friday 7th September

Session 3 – Clinic 1

Chairperson: Peter Wersäll

09:00-09:40 Re-irradiation of head and neck targets, Claes Mercke

09:40-10:20 Re-irradiation of lung tumours, Judith van Loon

Coffee break

10:40-11:20 Re-irradiation of vertebral bodies, Dorota Gabryś

11:20-12:00 Re-irradiation of brain targets, Caroline Chung

Lunch break

Session 4 – Clinic 2

Chairperson: Mattias Hedman

13:00-13:40 Re-irradiation - Clinical results and patient selection, Michael Gubanski

13:40-14:20 Clinical experience on re-irradiation using particle therapy, Stephanie Combs

Coffee break

14:40-15:20 Re-irradiation is now a real option – but how do we take it forward? Bleddyn Jones

15:20-16:00 Re-re-irradiation – what do we know about it? Carsten Nieder

Coffee break

16:30-17:00 General discussion and concluding remarks

Moderator: Iuliana Toma-Dasu

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