Biological basis of radiotherapy: where do we stand?
Date: September 4-5 2014

Electronic posters in pdf format

Genetic variants and expression of AEG-1 in relation to clinical outcome and radiotherapy response in colorectal cancer patients and cell lines. Sebastian Gnossa, Linköping, Sweden.

Gender-related differences in pathological and clinical tumour response based on immunohistochemical proteins expression in rectal cancer patients treated with short course of preoperative radiotherapy.
Anna Gasinska, Cracow, Poland.

The influence of repopulation mechanisms on treatment gap timing in head and neck cancer radiotherapy .
Loredana G. Marcu, Oradea, Romania and Adelaide, Australia.

Cluster pattern analysis of energy deposition sites for protons, other light ions and brachytherapy sources.
Fernanda Villegas, Uppsala, Sweden.

An association between low-dose hyper-radiosensitivity  and the early G2-phase checkpoint. A. Janecka, Cracow, Poland.

Aberrant DNA damage response and receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in non-small cell lung cancer tumor initiating cells.
Lovisa Lundholm, Stockholm, Sweden.

A study of V79 cell survival after for proton and carbon ion beams as represented by the parameters of Katz' track structure model. Leszek Grzanka, Cracow, Poland.

Improved Distinction by MR Spectroscopy of Suspicious Lesions after Radiation Therapy among Children with Primary Brain Tumors. Karen Belkic, Stockholm, Sweden.

Three New Mechanistic Radiobiological Models for Cell Response to Radiation. Dževad Belkic, Stockholm, Sweden.
Model 1,      Model 2,        Model 3,   Model 4.